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What is this?

Poker Planner is a free and open-source project lets you make estimations with planning poker technique (or scrum poker) directly in Slack, without any need of external software. It can be a useful tool for agile remote teams. You can read more about planning poker on wiki. This service is free in goodwill, and hopefully will remain free. You can install the app with "Add to Slack" button above. If you want to host your own app, please check the setup guide on Github.



After successful installation, /pp slash command will be available in your team workspace. It works in:

Poker Planner app must be added to channel/conversation before usage. You can add it from channel/conversation details menu, or just simply mention the app, like @poker_planner.

/pp some session title
This command starts a poker planning session with specified title, or simply anything you typed after /pp.

WARNING: Topic text cannot start with "config" and "help" (case-sensitive). They have another functionalities which is described below.

/pp config
This command is deprecated and will be removed in future releases.

/pp help
This commands prints a cheatsheet of usage.

Required Slack Permissions



Apart from that, I get lots of question about privacy, so I want to clarify what the app can and cannot do:


Since this project is open source, Github Issues is the preferred support channel. However you can directly e-mail me too.

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